TrendiMi Event Planner Certification Review and Discount Code!

I found this certification program very informative. I love how they go over how to deal with clients from other counties so not to offend anyone. They go over how handle crisis situations as well. More importantly I left this course feeling confident in handling any event or any size, from a child’s birthday party or a wedding – corporate and sporting events
What I learned:
Here is a break down of the modules in this certificate program. Each module has a study guide, activities section to test your knowledge as well as a test.

Module 1: Working with clients

Module 2: Steps for planning an event

Module 3: Invitations, Greetings and Dress Code

Module 4: Table Manners and Table Settings

Module 5: The Event

Module 6: What is Event Management?

Module 7: Types of Events

I highly recommend this certification program to anyone looking to get started in the event planning/ event management business. Great job Trendi Mi!

Would you like to take this fabulous course and save $200?!!  Pay only $29!!

It’s simple:

  • 1. Go to:
  • 2. They enter my club id: TCLUB124108
  • 3. Choose the course that you are interested in
  • 4. They complete registration form with your details
  • 5. Complete payment

Thanks for reading!

LaToya Jennifer

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