Product Review: Rain International Core (seed nutrition}

I was introduced to this new product line from Rain International  by a client of mine by the name of Sandra. She was so excited to share with me all about the health benefits of the nutrition supplements. Now as a fitness professional people share with me on an almost daily basis about different products. So at first I wasn’t really excited, but willing to listen. After learning more about the products I became very intrigued.


Core is a supplement of super greens and seeds. That’s right, I said seeds. And I don’t mean the kind you crack open and spit out. The ingredients include;chlorophyllin, aloe vera, spirulina, wheat grass, cranberry seed, milk thistle seed, kale, black cumin seed, chlorella and dandelion. All great stuff for the body!

Core is the second product to be introduced by Rain International. It contains the nutrition of high-quality greens and dense seed blends, all in a 1-ounce packet. Core has gained a clinical reputation for improving health functions and works together with Soul to provide what your body needs. Aloe vera benefits digestive health, chlorophyllin improves the function of detoxification pathways, wheatgrass is a powerful antioxidant for the entire body, and chlorella is a potent source of vitamins, minerals, fiber and protein.

After learning all of this, of course I wanted to try!
The texture was a little gritty from the seeds and you can obviously taste the greens. Not delicious but not terrible. I would recommend just chugging it down or mixing it in a smoothie or shake.
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