Exercise for Charity with Me!!

You can now donate to your favorite charity whenever you exercise+ win awesome prizes!!

1) Download the free app CHARITY MILES
2) Find and join our team; TheChosenFitnessGroup
3) Take a screenshot of your sessions and use hashtags #charitymiles and #thechosenfitnessgroup on Facebook or Instagram for a chance to win prizes from The Chosen Fitness Group now through November.30,2015

4) Help us reach our goal of 400 miles as a team by November.30,2015!

If you are not running/walking you can still get credit for other exercises such as zumba or circuit training. Just be sure to keep your phone on you while you exercise.

Thanks so much for your support!🏃 💖


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What charities are you going to support?

Charity Miles have so  many to choose from…here are a just a few!


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LaToya Jennifer

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