Water and Weight Loss


One of the most valuable tips I live by is I rarely drink calories.
Soda and alcohol immediately are drinks laden with empty calories that do nothing good for your body.
Water is the perfect alternative.
It’s not just the perfect alternative – it’s essential for life because your body is approximately 60% water.
That’s right, most of you is water.
You NEED it.
Now here’s where water helps with weight loss.
Drinking water with meals means you eat less which makes getting into a calorie deficit easier. Drinking water between meals makes you feel fuller so you’re less likely to binge and overeat.
There is no downside to drinking more water.
In fact studies have estimated that drinking water encourages your body to burn 24% more calories over the next hour.
Now that data has yet to be backed up scientifically but personally I’ve found it to be true.
When I’m eating clean, exercising consistently and drinking plenty of water…
I’ve know I get away with eating more food than normal.
I don’t know why, I just know that when I’m low in body fat already and I drink lots of water I can eat more and even eat a little junk and get away with it.

Writen for http://www.chosenfitgroup.com

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