3 Ways to Stay Motivated!

Ok, you’re ready to workout and take this thing seriously! But how do you stay motivated and on track?


1.) The 4 W’s
What are you going to do?
When you workout, have a plan. Know the exercises you you are going to do. Know the temp, weight, intensity and rest periods.
Why are you doing it?
Why are you taking the class or doing the selected workout? What goal will you be working towards. And be more pacific than “getting in shape or losing weight.”
Where are you doing it?
Are you working out in home or at the gym? Plan your workout according.
When are you doing it?
What days of the week and times will you workout. Have a plan and stick with it!

2.) Accountability
Having someone to support you will help you stay on track during your fitness journey.

3.) Chart your progress
Keep a fitness journal. Tracking and seeing your progress is motivation in itself. Take pride in what you are doing and celebrate your own success.


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