Lack of Sleep and Weight Gain

If you’re looking to lose weight, a lack of sleep stacks the odds of winning against you.
A study showed that people who sleep 8 hours a night have twice the chance of slimming down successfully. Fact.
But it’s not just your weight a lack of sleep affects.
Anxiety, stress, performance, decision making and even how long you LIVE are all negatively affected by the amount of sleep you get. Combine stress and sleep loss and you’re twice as likely to fail when it comes to losing weight compared with other well rested individuals.

A lack of sleep can also affect the hormones associated with feeling hungry (and satisfied after eating) plus the fatigue can play havoc with sticking to your new diet regime.
In a nutshell – you need your sleep!
So how much sleep is enough?
How much do YOU actually need?
There are lots of mythical numbers thrown around by every Tom, Dick and Harry but it’s typically recommended that you get between 6 and 8 hours GOOD sleep a night.
Ok so that’s pretty broad. How much sleep you actually need is a personal thing.

There isn’t an exact number for everyone. For the majority it’s lies between 6 and 8 hours.
Plus there are outliers amongst us. Golf legend Tiger Woods, gets by on less than 5 hours.
Professional tennis player, Roger Federer on the other hand needs a good 10 hours.
Both have hit the pinnacle of their sport and both need very different amounts of shut-eye.

The reality is… You have to listen to your body.
That means you get a good nights, quality uninterrupted sleep.
Your goal is to wake up naturally, feeling refreshed and with good energy levels throughout the day.
If that sounds like you, then you’re getting enough sleep. As a rule try to get up at the same time every morning. Then go to bed when you feel sleepy. So if you’re watching TV and dozing off at 9pm then go to bed. The next night you might be fine until midnight.
It’s an individual thing. Go to bed when you feel like you could fall straight to sleep and do your very best to get up at the same time each and every morning.

It’s all too easy to think of sleep as dead time. That’s it’s a waste. The reality is we need it and we can’t live without it. Plus you’ll probably live longer! Another sleep fact.

You’ll be happier.
Feel less stressed.
Be more productive.
And lose more weight.
It’s time to value your sleep!

LaToya Jennifer

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