Arbonne PhytoSport Review

Summer is officially here! Need to stay hydrated but bored with water? You’re not alone. I have clients who I have to fight with to drink water. Even fruit infused water wont’ get them to drink. They crave juices and sodas.

When exercising it also extremely import to stay hydrated. So what is someone to do, who needs to hydrate and needs a healthy alternative?

Delivers a blend of 6 electrolytes to support optimal hydration for proper muscle and cell function, and to replenish electrolytes lost during exercise.◊ Antioxidant vitamin C helps fight free radicals created during exercise.
I was introduced to PhytoSpot by Heidi Sojka. I tried it last week after teaching my out-door boot camp class. I  was not expecting it to taste as good as it did to be honest. I had tried other similar brands in the past and they tasted like crap lol. Not only does this taste great, but it also only has 3 grams of sugar. I was very impressed!
Now anyone who knows me can tell you how big I am on minimizing artificial flavors and colors in food. This product has none!
As a certified personal trainer and nutrition coach, I highly recommend this product.
For more information on Arbonne PhytoSport Complete Hydration, please contact:
Heidi Sojka
To order now, Click Here
Visit her website, Click Here 
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