Book Release: Journey Thru Love 2

Art Meets Art for a Poetic Release

A Poetic Author: Alexis Pettway

About the Author:

“Born and raised in Bridgeport, CT. I’ve been writing ever since I can remember; participating in young author’s competitions in elementary school. I’ve been writing poetry since 7th grade. It happened out of the blue honestly but I’m very thankful that it did. Most of my poems are based off my emotions and I love them for the fact that I write them as pure, raw emotion. Whatever I’m feeling at the time is what I write. I didn’t know poetry would become such a huge part of me and be my natural outlet. I believe it comes natural to me because it’s a gift from God. I hope to entertain, inspire and enlighten those who read my words and I hope to publish an endless amount of books.
A couple fun facts aside from poetry is I have an assos. Degree in culinary and a bachelor’s in food service management. I love psychology and I love food! Hope you enjoy my words even if it’s a preview! Thank you!”

A few months ago Alexis Pettway  released her second book, Journey Thru Love, online. She is so very excited to present ART meets ART for her book release! ART meets ART is a the collaboration of poetry and the arts.

18698380_10212223781524722_1688764601807322407_n (1)It will be a night showcasing the art of local artists along with Journey Thru Love part 2. Alexis will be reading 4 poems from Journey Thru love as well as highlighting the portraits inspired by them. Come out for an artistic celebration!!

You may purchase her books online:
Journey Thru Love  
  Journey Thru Love:2
Connect with Alexis Pettway on:
Her website

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