Making Money in Facebook Groups 

Posting in Facebook groups and still struggling to grow your business? 

I have been blessed enough to actually make money in Facebook groups. I know some people who are struggling with it. So I made a list of tips to help get you in the right direction. 

10 Tips for Marketing in Facebook Groups

1. Follow all of the group rules
2. Give more than you sell
2. Give readers a taste of the content before they click on it
3. Track what you post 
4. Ask an engaging question
5. Use your call-to-actions
6. Have an amazing picture with your post
7. Like and comment other post in group
8. Don’t just share you sales post all the time, and not engage. That’s tacky
9. Don’t over post, it’s annoying
10. Post with a purpose and leaving people wanting to know more so they will contact you 😉

Have tips for marketing in Facebook groups? Please share them in the comments section. 

Thanks for reading!

LaToya Jennifer 

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