Online Personal Training

Have you tried online personal training?


Online personal training is just like in-person session, except online on SKYPE, google hangouts or any other platform that provides free video chat.

You’ll be working out live with me during each session. That’s right, I’ll be able to see everything you’re doing during your workout and you’ll be able to see me.

You can ask questions, check in about your form, your measurements, your goals, and even your nutrition! Sessions include an individualized plan including workouts and whole foods based nutrition coaching.

Try your first session for just $12 .99!

Click here to get get started! 


16 responses to “Online Personal Training”

  1. I have never heard of online personal training! That would be soooo much easier for me! I’ve got to check it out. Thanks!


  2. Ive thought about trying fit star and my sister is working with people remotely to manage their weight, so a workout buddy on the go doesn’t seem so odd!


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