I’m Starting a Journal 

Lately I find myself dealing with a lot emotionally. The person whom I normally turn to is dealing with their own things right now. Leaving me with a sort of emotional clutter and distress. 

Carrying around this affliction is distracting and annoying. I’m not one to take my emotional rants to Facebook nor blab my business to the first listening ear. So thus the reason for me deciding to start a journal. 

Sometimes just writing down your feelings can help ease what’s bothering you. Serves as a great way to reflect later on and track growth. 

I believe this journaling experience will prove to be beneficial for me. A great space to not only vent, but to keep my positive affirmations and remember those special moments. 

It took me a few days to decide on app to use, but I do believe I found the perfect one, for me.


I chose Journey because you’re able to use across different platforms including cellphone, tablets, desktop etc. 

Save your entries automatically to google drive. The ability to import, export and print.

So if you’re looking for a diary/ journal app with the option to even use on your desktop. Then this is the app for you. Enjoy!😉



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