Craigslist Now Charging

That’s right, I said craigslist list!

Those of you who are really marketing your business online (not just posting on social media all day) know that craigslist is a goldmine!

Starting March.15th Craigslist is now charging $5 to post in Services and Gigs…

This is great news! Why?…Because it helps discourage spammers from posting, therefore raising the quality of post and generating you more quality leads!

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  1. Thanks for the info 🙂 I think it’s a good idea as well because it will eliminate the spammers!! Spammers are annoying.


  2. great for people like you, social media savvy and all, , people like me are legit, and we are old scholl, I don’t mind paying for a post, however, , the credit card I carry is not one they accept, also, , also , ive emailed them, and hope to get a reply , wihin the next day or so, as to how they would take a payment, and if your allowed to refresh your 30 day post daily, without getting recharged everyday/, for the same post, so you can stay relevant, we are old school and don’t do , apps, facebook ect., and as you can see, , rercently, facebooks trouble I the news, , anyway, a lot of little people, get hurt, , because it was a great way to get word out, along with flyers on foot, ect., , its not good, again , don’t mind getting charged, but , need to know if they’ll take , a money order, ect., cuasse they don’t take discover card , as far as I know, and do they allow you to refresh your ads, or posts daily, others on reddit wanted to know as well, they are not easy to get a hold of, which is never a GOOD THING, EITHER.


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