My Self-Care Journey

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Self care is more than just a mani – pedi or a bubble bath. It’s literally taking care of YOURSELF. 

There was a time I’d put others first to the point where it literally ran me down. Wasn’t taking of myself emotionally or spiritually. Making unnecessary sacrifices which ultimately harmed me. Not self-care.
Then I slowly started getting my “power back”.
Took off Sunday’s, re-did my work schedule, spent time just being, started putting my feelings first…and started LIVING LIFE, for ME.
Those who love you will always support your efforts to take of yourself. As a matter of fact, they will help you. Even with something as simple as offering you a meal when you’re hungry or asking how your day was.
Self-Care might feel selfish at first and make some uncomfortable. But do it. At least one thing a day.
You OWE it to yourself, to LOVE yourself and put YOURSELF FIRST.
Join our 21 day self-care challenge💕
Thanks for reading and put yourself first.
Certified Personal & Wellness Coach

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