Mom, You Have What it Takes!

As a new mom and entrepreneur during a pandemic, it can be hard. But it’s not impossible.

During this time, we have to dig deep within side ourselves and be stronger and smarter than ever.

Going to doctors appointments alone, canceled baby showers, diy maternity shoots, wearing a mask during labor, not having the support of friends and family when the baby comes due to social distancing and praying your significant other stays healthy while out working.

As an entrepreneur many aspects of your business may have changed or came to a stop all together. You put so much time and effort into grow your business for it to be taken from you in a matter of days due to Covid-19 restrictions.

All these things alone are stressful without throwing pregnancy or a new baby into the mix. But what can you do?

You keep pushing and don’t give up!

I took my fitness business from 50% online to 100% online.

I didn’t panic, I asked my followers what they wanted and how I could better serve them during this time.

Instead of being upset that I wouldn’t be having a baby shower or my partner with me at doctor appointments, I gave thanks that a life was growing inside of me.

Im sure you to you can think of ways to pivot in your business so that you stay profiting and looking on the positive vs just the negatives of being pregnant/ or new mom during this pandemic.

When things get tough, just tell yourself “I am tougher”.

Reach out for help. It can come from your significant other or even a meal planning service. Remember, a part of being strong and having what it takes includes setting healthy boundaries and asking for help.

Are you an entrepreneur mom or mom-to-be? How are you making out during this time? What are your struggles and strengths? Share with us in the comments below or send me a private message.



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