The Best Floral Essential Oils to Add to Your Collection

After being introduced to a “wellness company” who’s name I won’t mention, I felt the need stronger than ever to educate people. Several of their customer service reps and distributor tried to convince me that the fragrance listed in their ingredients is actually essential oil. (side eye)

I won’t get into the difference between fragrance and essential oil right now, I’ll save that for another time.

To put it simply. Essential oils are highly-concentrated oils extracted from various parts of flowers and plants, including roots, leaves, flowers, and fruit peels.

There are many varieties of essential oils, but one of my favorites are the floral. These often come from flowers and flowering plants.

Here are some of my floral essential oils to choose from.

Uses for Floral Essential Oils

Floral essential oils are just like any other essential oil, where you have a lot of amazing ways to use them and benefit from them. From putting them in a diffuser to making your own self-care products with them, you will never run out of ideas.

But the floral varieties also have some unique benefits for specific types of uses, which is what we’re going to talk about here:

Create a scented spritz for linens and clothes – Floral essential oils are the perfect choice when you want to have scented linens, towels, or even clothes. You can fill up a spray bottle with water, then add 10-15 drops of your favorite essential oil. Use that to spray on any linens, particularly your bed pillow for relaxation, and in your underwear drawer with exotic scents like jasmine.

Add the oils to your bath – The great thing about using them in the bath is that they don’t usually need to be diluted as much, since they are going in water. However, be careful not to have direct contact with the oil itself, so add it to the water, not directly on your skin while you are in the bath.

Make your own potpourri – You can also make your own potpourri, which will smell much lighter thanks to the high-quality essential oils, instead of store-bought potpourri with its artificial scents. All you need to do is take your flowers and leaves for the potpourri and add them to a baking sheet. Spritz on a combination of water with about 10 drops of your oil and bake it for 2 hours or longer.


A very popular floral essential oil you can get is chamomile. You have probably had chamomile tea to soothe your nerves, but it has so many more uses than that. Chamomile is a flower that typically blooms in the summertime, often found in fields of wildflowers. It has many amazing healing properties, including improving your digestion and easing an upset stomach, helping with anxiety and restlessness, boosting your mood, and even helping with skin conditions like eczema.


The next floral essential oil you definitely want in your collection is lavender, which is a universally adored essential oil. This is both due to the light and floral scent of lavender, and how many healing properties and health benefits it contains. If you have anxiety or a lot of stress in your life, lavender will do wonders with helping you to relax. Even if you don’t suffer from anxiety, it can still help you feel more calm and improve your quality of sleep. Lavender is also great for migraines and other minor aches and pains. If you want to blend your lavender with other oils, consider geranium or cedarwood.


Believe it or not, bergamot is also considered a floral essential oil, though its scent is both floral and citrus. This is often combined with citrus scents like orange and cypress, but works amazingly well with any of the other floral essential oils on this list. With bergamot, you get many of the calming effects that other floral essential oils provide you, including helping to ease restlessness and fears related to your anxiety, calming your body and might, and giving you a nice boost in your immune system.


When speaking of floral essential oils, jasmine is one that often comes to mind. It is a very exotic and alluring scent on the warm and sultry end of the spectrum. Jasmine is used often in perfume, but it also has many healing properties and benefits that you might not be aware of. Boost your energy, feel more confident, and use jasmine as an aphrodisiac.


Last on our list of floral essential oils is geranium, anther wonderful flower that makes a lovely essential oil scent. Geranium is a bright pink flower that is native to South Africa, but has made its way to Europe and parts of the Americas. It has a light, floral scent that is most similar to rose, and is amazing for both mental and physical healing.

Geranium blends well with many different oils, including lavender, clary sage, and orange.

Whether you choose to use individual floral scents or get a blend for your diffuser, there are many uses for these amazing oils. Just remember not to put them directly on your skin without diluting with a carrier oil.

My preferred essential oil brand is Jade Bloom. There are not an MLM. A membership is not required to purchase. They are pure, batch tested and affordable. Learn more here.

What are your favorite floral essential oils?

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